How do you get out of a funk?


I haven’t ran lately.

I haven’t blogged lately.

I haven’t excerciesd lately.

I want to run.

I want to blog.

Im dying to hit the gym.

WHY haven’t I?

How do I get out of this funk?

Everyone that knows me, knows how busy I have been. Running a business, no matter how big or small it is, it a lot of damn work! No one told me that!
Add in the fact that I have been very successful since I started, and my weekends have been completely booked with shoots, everything else seems to be going to the wayside, including my laundry ( I had to go and buy new underwear for my kids the other day, cause, well I have a mountain of laundry to get to!! LOL!)

I want to be better!

I need to be better….

I’m going to be better.


PR’d my last half marathon a few weeks ago! (need to blog about it)

2 half marathons coming up next month-

Richmond Half Marathon and Harbor Lights Half Marathon.Harbor Lights v07 header_logo_2

I get to see my husband for 2 weeks at Thanksgiving before he officially deploys.

I have 30 photo sessions next month.

And 2 grad papers due.

wpid-8444318021709078_dupwsc2f_cI can make the time, right?!?!

How do you get out of a funk? Especially because you know you WANT to do it? 

Motivational Wednesday

Today I am going to give you guys motivation that doesn’t have to do with running, but has been on my mind all day!

For the month of October, as you all know, is Breast Cancer Awareness month.10712754_10203650348036835_6909303721097002112_n

The whole world goes pink for awareness (which pink is my favorite color so I don’t mind!!)

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a lady named Carole, who was looking to get some pictures done of herself. 

Meet Carole, 31 year old nurse, beautiful, and extremely nice! Loves her family, her dog, and her boyfriend.
On Monday, she goes in for a double mastectomy, because she has a horrible gene that gives her a 99% chance of getting breast cancer. How does she know this? Because her sister has stage 3 breast cancer, who just had a mastectomy less than 2 weeks ago. After Monday, her chances drop to 10%.
Carole is a fighter. Carole is an inspiration. It was an honor to do this session for her!!
#breastcancerawareness #cancersucks

carolesession-230-2 carolesession-241-2 carolesession-463-2

So, for Motivational Wednesday, I want you guys to be happy for your health! I want you to be happy that we are healthy enough to do what we love, running!

Please, schedule your mammogram today! Please check yourselves! Early detection is key!!

If you are in the Virginia Beach or surrounding areas, please check me out at http://www.vanessahicksphotography.com or http://www.facebook.com/vanessahicksphotography for all your photography needs!
2014 Virginia Beach Rock n Roll Half Marathon

Rock and Roll Half Marathon Recap

Has anybody else gotten hit with this nasty bug that’s floating around?
Nope… Just me and my family??
Well I was out of commission for about three days, my kiddos have missed a week of school between them, and my house has a lingering smell of throw up in it!

But, we seem to be on the mend!!!


So, to my recap!

The Rock and Roll Half Marathon Weekend was September 5th-6th.

 My good friend Edmarie and I were very excited about running this race! We heard about how flat it was, but also how hot it could be!
The Rock and Roll announced in the summer that it was hosting a Remix Challenge, which was if you ran a race on Saturday and Sunday, you would get the Remix Challenge Medal!

Of course we signed up, I mean, hello.. Extra bling!!

The run on Saturday was the Mile in the Sand run. It was, as it sounds, a mile in the sand. My husband, who is always right, told us not to do and that running in the sand would be hard!! Our thoughts was, it’s just a mile, how hard will it be?!?

Oh boy…

We attended the expo with out kiddos and it was great! It was the largest expo I’ve been to, and considering the size of the event (15,000 runners), I’m not shocked it was so huge! We shopped, and I actually ended up winning a spot on #teamgiecorunning! I played a slot game and won, which is awesome as I was being sponsored by Gieco! As long as I wore the bright green shirt on race day, I would get VIP treatment afterwards, to include a massage at the tent after the run! I was in!!

Saturday came early for us and we headed out to the Oceanfront! It was a gorgeous morning with about 2,000 runners participating in the race! When we stepped on the sand with our shoes, the first thing we decided was NO SHOES for this race! We intented on taking it easy, as we both had our husbands in the back of our mind saying how horrible it was!

A few selfies later, we were off!!

Well, not quite off…

Within the first 4 steps, we realized, what a horrible damn idea this was!

I mean come on, its hard enough to WALK on sand, more less RUN in it! And mind you, this wasn’t the hard sand down by the water, no, we were in the middle of the beach, with that nice, soft, sink in to it sand.

This was hard!

Edmarie almost threw up!

Everything on my back side from my achilles to my behind was on fire!

What. the. hell!

We finished! And got our medal, which had actual sand in it, and our beer at 8:30 am, and enjoyed ourselves! I ran that mile in 15:28…my personal worse! But I did it!!expoBlogBoard-14 mileBlogBoard-3

On to day 2…

The race started at 7am, but we had to be there very early to catch the shuttle, as there were 15,000 registered participants. Bright and early, Edmarie comes and picks me up at 4:30am. First think I notice, how humid it is! I believe it was already like 70+ degrees at that time! This wasn’t going to be good!

We head to the parking lot and get shuttled to the start line! I have never seen so many people in one place! My normal routine happens, trying to go to the bathroom, and I clearly have stage fright as nothing comes out!

I meet a group of my friends that are running the half as well! it was all of their first half marathons, so that was pretty cool!738974-1004-0027s

Scott has known my husband going on 15 yrs as they were in boot camp together. Truly love him and his wife Crystal!

After we hear the elite runners take off, we all decide its time to get in our corrals! We were all in different corrals, I was in number 11 with an anticipated finish time of 02:25.
The number one thing that I hear the announcers say is to not underestimate this heat! Also, this is not a PR run as it will be very hot! I believe the temperature that day was to reach about 90, and to say it was humid is an understatement. Coral by coral start to take off. Before you know it, my corral is off!

This course was extremely flat with just one bridge to go over.

Because of my lack of training with everything that happened this summer, I knew to just take it easy and do the best I could.

By the 5k mark, I was hurting. It was SOOO hot.

To see people around me dripping in sweat was crazy! I hadn’t sweat this much at the end of my last half marathon!! I knew now that this was going to be hard.

The walking started. I tried to run at least for 10 mins then walk for a min or so.

The water breaks were great! There were at least 8, along with cold sponges, snack stations, people spraying water, and orange slices.

I wanted to die…. it was just that hot.

I knew right away, I wasn’t going to PR this. I wasn’t even going to come close to my hopeful time of 2:30.

I just needed to finish.

At mile 10, things got a bit bad. I noticed my hands were completely swollen. I’m talking Mickey Mouse hands here. Also, where my capris ended, my legs were swollen too. I couldn’t close my hands. I let the worry really get to me, as I could feel an anxiety attach approaching. I thought of stopping at a medical tent, but I would have been so mad had they pulled me from the race.

I just had a 5K left.

Understanding that I had only done 1 other half marathon before with maybe 2,000 people, I must say I had never seen SO many people walking. People were hot and exhausted. Medical tents were full. I saw a girl faint, luckily in the grass.

At mile 12, I told myself I would sprint to the finish like I did before.

Nope..I was walking.

At 12 1/2, I said run Vanessa….

I couldn’t.

I finally picked it up and ran across the finish line. The amount of people walking across the finish line was unreal.

I did it.738948-1090-0034s 738950-1089-0001s 738955-1165-0034s 738958-1014-0048s 738965-1018-0042s

And, I stared to bawl. I mean seriously cry my eyes out. I couldn’t find my friends to hug me. Hubby wasn’t there this time. My BFF had to cancel coming to the race cause she was hurt. I had no idea where Edmarie was in the race.

I had an emotional breakdown.

But I did it!

I finished in 02:44, and with the amount of walking that I did, I am very surprised at that time!

Edmarie crossed the finish line and after a moment, we cried together! I was so proud of her!

The race was truly tough, both mentally and physically! But I was so happy that I finished it!

Half marathon 2 was in the books!

Next up, Diva’s Half Marathon DC, which was 2 weeks away!!

What was your most challenging race to date? What made it challenging?



995118_489806921100492_1960103476_nI’m still alive!

I didn’t give up blogging!

I’m still running!

The questions I’ve been asked from friends, family, and Twitter and FB friends! I was so active on my blog, and well, then this summer happened!

I can’t believe I’ve let so much time pass, and for that, I’m sorry. Trying to juggle all the new changes that have happened so suddenly, has been a bit rough. I had to let go of some things to continue to grow. I had to stand tall!

Some updates:

Hubby is gone…10354165_10203201518936388_8945730254471336332_n

Well, his ship left to Florida the beginning of August. It’s been very hard without him. Luckily, we will see him for Thanksgiving and a family trip to Disney, and then he officially deploys. A long year ahead of me!

I started  a new business!!cropnews

Yes, I kept saying I was going to let you guys know what it was, well, then I fell off the face of the earth again! To make a long story short, my passion has always been photography! Well, when the layoff happened, I needed to do something. That’s when this idea came to be! Luckily, it’s been the best two months of my life!! Business has been fantastic! I think I’ve booked and shot over 20 sessions already! If you are in the Hampton Roads area, check out www.vanessahicksphotography.com or www.facebook.com/vanessahicksphotography !

Yeah, that has been what’s been keeping me away from you guys!! Building a business, big or small, is hard!

Running related-

Well, I’ve done 2 HALF MARATHONS since I’ve blog last! Yes, I know! But, cut me some slack! I did 2 in the last 2 1/2 weeks! Here is some sneaks on them, the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Virginia Beach and the Diva’s Half Marathon in DC Wine Country!blog

I will blog more about these races tomorrow (yes, yes, I know you have all heard it before! I promise to fit my running blog in here! I’ve truly missed it!).

Thank you to all my readers for always being there me! I promise to be around more often!!

Have you every had to take a break from something you love (Running, blogging, ect)? How did you bounce back?

Motivational Wednesday


How’s your week going? With everything that I explained in my prior post, I thought this quote would be perfect today! I am so motivated with my future and plans that I have in store! Who knows, maybe everything really does happen for a reason!!
Thank you all for the support in the prior post! Tomorrow will be back to running related posts.. Maybe!!

Can any of you relate to this quote?

You Can’t Run from Life…..


Hello readers!!! I can’t believe its almost been 2 weeks since I’ve written! Not normal for me, but as the title states, you can’t run from life.

When I started this blog, I told you guys it would be my journey of running, a journey of my life. And with that, there has been a lot of good times, and some bad time, i.e. sprained foot, ect. I’ve shared those with you along the way.

Training for my second half marathon in August has not been the greatest. First, with the sprained foot, which kept me out of the game for a few weeks, and now life.

Long story short, I lost my job. 

There is so much drama that I could include in that sentence, but at the end of the day, the result remains the same.

My position was eliminated from my company.

30 days before my husband leaves for a year.


So I needed some time. To digest it, to accept it. I cried, ate like crap, beat myself up, but in the midst of it, found meaning about a lot of things. Realized I was letting a job define ME. I am so much more than that job…I just didn’t know it.

So…training just ceased for me…as I figured all of that out.


Today is Monday, its a brand new day!

I am excited about the future, and things that I have planned, which I will share in due time!

My half marathon is in 47 days…

My husband leaves in 20 days….

Things happen in life, but they shouldn’t break you. I thought I was going to let this break me until I DECIDED I wouldn’t let it.

Im going to enjoy the few days I have left with my hubby. Enjoy the summer with my girls. Enjoy LIFE! Everything happens for a reason.

So I am back…hope you guys will still stick around!!!

What have you guys used as motivation through rough times?


Favorite Things Friday- Friday Five!

ImageYes it is!! And I am so happy! The day is dragging, but what do you expect when all you keep thinking about is drinking several bottles of wine having a nice quiet weekend at home?!?


As before, this weeks Favorite Things Friday will also be a part of Friday Five Link Up, hosted by Eat Pray Run DCYou Signed Up for What?!, and Mar on the Run. Make sure you check out their blogs and participate in the link up if you want to! This week they are getting personal, as we are sharing 5 things about ME! So, for my Favorite Things Friday, you will get to know my favorite things about me! I mean, there are so many more than 5 cause I’m totally awesome! LOL!! :P

1. The first movie I remember seeing at the movie theatre was Kindergarten Cop!! I don’t know all the details, but I know my mom took me when I was about 5 to a small theatre in Hawaii! I remember the movie screen being so big! As was my popcorn! I haven’t watched that movie in a long time, and thinking about it, I may need to rent it for my kiddos!


This movie came out in 1990…Geez im old!

2. I love smiling! I really do! Even though growing up, I had these huge two front teeth ( I still do, I just grew into them), I like smiling! I think its probably my best physical feature, and I would actually like to whiten my smile one day to make it even nicer!

of course i love this movie too!!!

3. I take A LOT of pictures! A LOT! Last time I checked my iPhoto, I think I have about 56,000 pictures stored on my comp since 2007ish (while I was pregnant with Jasmine). I have a good reasoning for this. Growing up, my family didn’t take a lot of pictures, or really do a lot of “family” things for that matter. The pictures that we did have, got lost when we moved from Hawaii to Washington. I have maybe a handful of pictures of my childhood, my father, ect. It sucks, because no matter what, our memories do fade. Being able to look back on pictures from when I was a kid would have been nice. It made it even harder as we couldn’t find a picture of my dad for his obituary when he died. So, all that to say, I take a lot of pictures! And scrapbook them- even though I haven’t had time in a while! My children will really be able to look back at these pictures and see their lives, what I captured through the lens of a camera. I do make sure I am in front of the camera at times too! I am actually wanting to remember to take more videos of our lives, as I would like to have those memories as well. quote

4. I married the hottest dork on the planet! Seriously! He works on computers in the Navy, he starts talking about his job and its just too much for my small brain! He used to play computer games, plays, watches, and reads about golf, works on cars, the lists goes on and on. And I tell it to him all the time! But I am so lucky! My hot dork! (to be honest, he married the blondest, in la la land girl on the planet as well! And no offense to blonds, I love it!)

On our first date!

On our first date!

5. In my crazy busy, anxiety ridden, world of mine, it took a lot to find a place of peace. One time, my therapist gave me an assignment. She wanted me to close my eyes, and find a place of peace, and when I did, she wanted me to describe it to her. So I closed my eyes, thinking this was stupid, but would try anyways. As I let that peaceful feeling take over, the first image that came to me was the beach. I described to her the warm sun on my shoulders, the salt I tasted in the air, birds chirping, the crystal clear blue water, the smells of BBQ, kids laughing….THAT was my peace. The ocean. The water. I grew up in Hawaii (another fun fact), until I was 13 years old. I lived in paradise, but my family life wasn’t paradise. But that is my peace. I love the beach, pool, anything where I can feel relaxed. It is here where I wouldn’t mind being by myself. it is here I wouldn’t mind letting my thoughts run wild. It is here where I can be me. I hope to settle and grow old near a beach. Please dont think I’m crazy! LOL!

Isn't there something just calming about this photo?!

Isn’t there something just calming about this photo?!

So there you have it! My 5 things about me! What is one thing about you that you would like to share?!