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2017 Race Calendar

  So, with a new year comes new race opportunities! Seeing as we are moving to Maryland in April and driving cross country, I really had to do some research and see which races I wanted to accomplish this year! Here is what my race calendar looks like for 2017! February  24rd -26th Princess Half… Continue reading 2017 Race Calendar

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Guess Who’s Back in 2017!

Happy New Year and hello 2017!!!! I hope everyone has enjoyed their first full week in 2017! Are you still doing good on your resolutions?!?! I know there have been years that by this time, I broke most of my resolutions! OOPS! For those that are new here, my name is Vanessa! I am 31… Continue reading Guess Who’s Back in 2017!


Rock ‘N Roll San Francisco Half Marathon Recap!

Only I would restart my blog and now immediately write in it!!! :p I know, I know, I need to get better and I will! Well, April 3rd was my first race for 2016!!! I have to admit, it really snuck up on me. The one thing that I have learned about running is that… Continue reading Rock ‘N Roll San Francisco Half Marathon Recap!

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I AM BACK!!!!!!!

Hey everyone!! It’s only been, what a year or so since I’ve written on here!! This week, I was thinking about what did I do for fun anymore? I still run ( well haven’t been training but I did run 10 half marathons in 2015) and I realized how much I missed the running community… Continue reading I AM BACK!!!!!!!


How do you get out of a funk?

I haven’t ran lately. I haven’t blogged lately. I haven’t excerciesd lately. I want to run. I want to blog. Im dying to hit the gym. WHY haven’t I? How do I get out of this funk? Everyone that knows me, knows how busy I have been. Running a business, no matter how big or… Continue reading How do you get out of a funk?


Motivational Wednesday

Today I am going to give you guys motivation that doesn’t have to do with running, but has been on my mind all day! For the month of October, as you all know, is Breast Cancer Awareness month. The whole world goes pink for awareness (which pink is my favorite color so I don’t mind!!)… Continue reading Motivational Wednesday


Rock and Roll Half Marathon Recap

Has anybody else gotten hit with this nasty bug that’s floating around? Nope… Just me and my family?? Well I was out of commission for about three days, my kiddos have missed a week of school between them, and my house has a lingering smell of throw up in it! But, we seem to be… Continue reading Rock and Roll Half Marathon Recap