Motivational Wednesday

Today I am going to give you guys motivation that doesn’t have to do with running, but has been on my mind all day!

For the month of October, as you all know, is Breast Cancer Awareness month.10712754_10203650348036835_6909303721097002112_n

The whole world goes pink for awareness (which pink is my favorite color so I don’t mind!!)

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a lady named Carole, who was looking to get some pictures done of herself. 

Meet Carole, 31 year old nurse, beautiful, and extremely nice! Loves her family, her dog, and her boyfriend.
On Monday, she goes in for a double mastectomy, because she has a horrible gene that gives her a 99% chance of getting breast cancer. How does she know this? Because her sister has stage 3 breast cancer, who just had a mastectomy less than 2 weeks ago. After Monday, her chances drop to 10%.
Carole is a fighter. Carole is an inspiration. It was an honor to do this session for her!!
#breastcancerawareness #cancersucks

carolesession-230-2 carolesession-241-2 carolesession-463-2

So, for Motivational Wednesday, I want you guys to be happy for your health! I want you to be happy that we are healthy enough to do what we love, running!

Please, schedule your mammogram today! Please check yourselves! Early detection is key!!

If you are in the Virginia Beach or surrounding areas, please check me out at http://www.vanessahicksphotography.com or http://www.facebook.com/vanessahicksphotography for all your photography needs!

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