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Races I Ran in 2016!

Alright! So, even though I didn’t blog most of last year,

I did actually run!!!

I missed some races because of situations beyond my control, but don’t worry, I will run Rock and Roll Las Vegas one day!

So, instead of doing a recap from a year ago, I am just going to post the races I did last year here!

Rock and Roll San Francisco!

Loved this race, but oh the hills, the hills!

Hollywood Half Marathon! LOVED this race because I finally broke my PR!!! 2:19:22 Now to break that PR!

Tinkerbell Half Marathon!! You already know, I love my Run Disney Races! Met many new friends and had my Virginia Friend with me!

Bay to Breakers! I was told I needed to run this race because 1. Its an iconic race, and 2. Oh the things I will see. Um, the things I saw was crazy!!! yes…there were naked runners! It was an 8-mile block party! I even ate a hot dog and drank a coke during the race! Believe me, others were drinking and eating things!!! It was a hilarious and my eyes will never be the same again!

Spartan Super! OMG! This race was hard! Hot, no water, no bathrooms, HARD! But, I did it! And my girls ran the kids race and loved it! I was so proud of them! Except they complained that there wasn’t enough mud! Totally my girls!15826597_10209605650075664_3106096755350198843_n

Disneyland Half Marathon! I loved this because again, Its RunDisney, and two, I brought my daughters with me! I loved this race! screen-shot-2017-01-12-at-10-28-01-amscreen-shot-2017-01-12-at-10-00-34-am

And my final race of the year, and my 20th half marathon!!!! Rock and Roll San Jose! 

That’s it!! Here’s to a wonderful 2017 running year! Check out my 2017 Race Calendar here!


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