Rock ‘N Roll San Francisco Half Marathon Recap!

Only I would restart my blog and now immediately write in it!!! :p I know, I know, I need to get better and I will!


Well, April 3rd was my first race for 2016!!!

I have to admit, it really snuck up on me. The one thing that I have learned about running is that no matter how many races you run, if you are not actively training, it will feel like the first run all over again.

So, to be honest, no training had went into Half Marathon #16. So, I knew from running Nike San Francisco Half last year, the hills were going to be a killer. Especially for untrained legs.

So, I went into this race with no expectations, except to finish. I was running another half marathon the following weekend (more on that one tomorrow!), So I knew the goal was to take it easy.


Of course, I had to get something new for this race weekend! It helps you run faster right? I really love Nike’s running gear! I stayed at my best friends house the night before the half, who lives right in the heart of San Francisco! That saved me tons of money on a hotel room!

After a 4am wake up call, I was out the door, in search of a damn parking garage! I knew I wanted to park near the finish line, but after reading and rereading the race info, I still got down to the area lost on where to park! When I finally found a garage a block away (because I had no interest of walking in Downtown San Francisco by myself in the early morning!) I was oh so upset when the ticket was $40.00!!!!! YIKES!

Elevation gain
Course Route

It was a chilly morning, and since we were going to get bused to the start, I opted for gear check so I could keep my jacket with me!!! I huddled around a bunch of others until 5 mins before 6:30, dropped my gear off, headed to Corral 8, and then we were off! I talked with a few runners, one who was running because of law school, and another who was a lawyer, and one a school teacher! You got to love why we all do this crazy thing called running!

Ready to start!

The first mile started us right off with a hill! The minute I started running, I was so happy I didn’t run with my jacket, as I knew I would get hot, which I did! I was all good, until I recognized where were were headed to on Mile 3ish…my death hill, which was Mile 10 for the Nike Half!!! It is such a steep incline, it’s pretty unbearable!

That mile is marked by the Wear Blue to Remember crew, with images of our soldiers who died in wars. That made that hill a little bit more bearable as we remembered our soldiers who died for our freedom.

After this, we headed to the part that I was most excited about, running on the Golden Gate Bridge! We would start at about 4 1/2 miles and exit it 8! I enjoyed running it, but it did become quite a bottlenecking situation on there! I am all for taking selfies, but don’t stop right in front of me in the middle of the lane to do it! 😦

12963832_10207419647946977_865786480491583807_n It was around the 10k mark that my stomach was hurting and I had to use the bathroom. After a 10 min wait in the women’s line I gave up and went to the men’s bathroom! It was around mile 10 that I hit a wall! It was a quick reminder of how long 13 miles were and how I needed to work on my endurance. That and my stomach was just not having it!

After yet ANOTHER hill at mile 12 (boo) I headed into a nice decline that ended the race right at City Hall, which is where my in laws work, so that was cool too!


Great race! Not too happy with my time, but again, that wasn’t the goal for this race! Between the hills and the end of the race stomach probs, I am happy to have finished! Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 4.11.52 PM


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