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My Current Running List

I thought I would share some of my favorite running songs with everyone! While my current playlist is much longer, these are the songs that get my the most hype for a run! You will see that my genre of music is all over!  I am always looking new songs, so make sure you share… Continue reading My Current Running List

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Races I Ran in 2016!

Alright! So, even though I didn’t blog most of last year, I did actually run!!! I missed some races because of situations beyond my control, but don’t worry, I will run Rock and Roll Las Vegas one day! So, instead of doing a recap from a year ago, I am just going to post the races… Continue reading Races I Ran in 2016!

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Guess Who’s Back in 2017!

Happy New Year and hello 2017!!!! I hope everyone has enjoyed their first full week in 2017! Are you still doing good on your resolutions?!?! I know there have been years that by this time, I broke most of my resolutions! OOPS! For those that are new here, my name is Vanessa! I am 31… Continue reading Guess Who’s Back in 2017!

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Happy Global Running Day!!!

Today is one of my favorite holidays!!! Other than your traditional holidays!! Today is Global Running Day! You have probably seen it trending on Twitter and IG! According to Today.com, more that 2 Million people have commited to go out for a run today! I am currently participating is #RWRunStreak this month, which is something… Continue reading Happy Global Running Day!!!

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Back on the Grind!!!

Typical. I let life get in the way of working out. Between a viral photo for my business, a week of sickness, my birthday, the Tinkerbell Half Marathon, a few days of food poisoning, I lost track, yet again. I have to admit, I’m about tired of losing track. I feel like it’s what become… Continue reading Back on the Grind!!!

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I AM BACK!!!!!!!

Hey everyone!! It’s only been, what a year or so since I’ve written on here!! This week, I was thinking about what did I do for fun anymore? I still run ( well haven’t been training but I did run 10 half marathons in 2015) and I realized how much I missed the running community… Continue reading I AM BACK!!!!!!!