995118_489806921100492_1960103476_nI’m still alive!

I didn’t give up blogging!

I’m still running!

The questions I’ve been asked from friends, family, and Twitter and FB friends! I was so active on my blog, and well, then this summer happened!

I can’t believe I’ve let so much time pass, and for that, I’m sorry. Trying to juggle all the new changes that have happened so suddenly, has been a bit rough. I had to let go of some things to continue to grow. I had to stand tall!

Some updates:

Hubby is gone…10354165_10203201518936388_8945730254471336332_n

Well, his ship left to Florida the beginning of August. It’s been very hard without him. Luckily, we will see him for Thanksgiving and a family trip to Disney, and then he officially deploys. A long year ahead of me!

I started  a new business!!cropnews

Yes, I kept saying I was going to let you guys know what it was, well, then I fell off the face of the earth again! To make a long story short, my passion has always been photography! Well, when the layoff happened, I needed to do something. That’s when this idea came to be! Luckily, it’s been the best two months of my life!! Business has been fantastic! I think I’ve booked and shot over 20 sessions already! If you are in the Hampton Roads area, check out www.vanessahicksphotography.com or www.facebook.com/vanessahicksphotography !

Yeah, that has been what’s been keeping me away from you guys!! Building a business, big or small, is hard!

Running related-

Well, I’ve done 2 HALF MARATHONS since I’ve blog last! Yes, I know! But, cut me some slack! I did 2 in the last 2 1/2 weeks! Here is some sneaks on them, the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Virginia Beach and the Diva’s Half Marathon in DC Wine Country!blog

I will blog more about these races tomorrow (yes, yes, I know you have all heard it before! I promise to fit my running blog in here! I’ve truly missed it!).

Thank you to all my readers for always being there me! I promise to be around more often!!

Have you every had to take a break from something you love (Running, blogging, ect)? How did you bounce back?



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