Favorite Things Friday- Friday Five!

ImageYes it is!! And I am so happy! The day is dragging, but what do you expect when all you keep thinking about is drinking several bottles of wine having a nice quiet weekend at home?!?


As before, this weeks Favorite Things Friday will also be a part of Friday Five Link Up, hosted by Eat Pray Run DCYou Signed Up for What?!, and Mar on the Run. Make sure you check out their blogs and participate in the link up if you want to! This week they are getting personal, as we are sharing 5 things about ME! So, for my Favorite Things Friday, you will get to know my favorite things about me! I mean, there are so many more than 5 cause I’m totally awesome! LOL!! 😛

1. The first movie I remember seeing at the movie theatre was Kindergarten Cop!! I don’t know all the details, but I know my mom took me when I was about 5 to a small theatre in Hawaii! I remember the movie screen being so big! As was my popcorn! I haven’t watched that movie in a long time, and thinking about it, I may need to rent it for my kiddos!

This movie came out in 1990…Geez im old!

2. I love smiling! I really do! Even though growing up, I had these huge two front teeth ( I still do, I just grew into them), I like smiling! I think its probably my best physical feature, and I would actually like to whiten my smile one day to make it even nicer!

of course i love this movie too!!!

3. I take A LOT of pictures! A LOT! Last time I checked my iPhoto, I think I have about 56,000 pictures stored on my comp since 2007ish (while I was pregnant with Jasmine). I have a good reasoning for this. Growing up, my family didn’t take a lot of pictures, or really do a lot of “family” things for that matter. The pictures that we did have, got lost when we moved from Hawaii to Washington. I have maybe a handful of pictures of my childhood, my father, ect. It sucks, because no matter what, our memories do fade. Being able to look back on pictures from when I was a kid would have been nice. It made it even harder as we couldn’t find a picture of my dad for his obituary when he died. So, all that to say, I take a lot of pictures! And scrapbook them- even though I haven’t had time in a while! My children will really be able to look back at these pictures and see their lives, what I captured through the lens of a camera. I do make sure I am in front of the camera at times too! I am actually wanting to remember to take more videos of our lives, as I would like to have those memories as well. quote

4. I married the hottest dork on the planet! Seriously! He works on computers in the Navy, he starts talking about his job and its just too much for my small brain! He used to play computer games, plays, watches, and reads about golf, works on cars, the lists goes on and on. And I tell it to him all the time! But I am so lucky! My hot dork! (to be honest, he married the blondest, in la la land girl on the planet as well! And no offense to blonds, I love it!)

On our first date!
On our first date!

5. In my crazy busy, anxiety ridden, world of mine, it took a lot to find a place of peace. One time, my therapist gave me an assignment. She wanted me to close my eyes, and find a place of peace, and when I did, she wanted me to describe it to her. So I closed my eyes, thinking this was stupid, but would try anyways. As I let that peaceful feeling take over, the first image that came to me was the beach. I described to her the warm sun on my shoulders, the salt I tasted in the air, birds chirping, the crystal clear blue water, the smells of BBQ, kids laughing….THAT was my peace. The ocean. The water. I grew up in Hawaii (another fun fact), until I was 13 years old. I lived in paradise, but my family life wasn’t paradise. But that is my peace. I love the beach, pool, anything where I can feel relaxed. It is here where I wouldn’t mind being by myself. it is here I wouldn’t mind letting my thoughts run wild. It is here where I can be me. I hope to settle and grow old near a beach. Please dont think I’m crazy! LOL!

Isn't there something just calming about this photo?!
Isn’t there something just calming about this photo?!

So there you have it! My 5 things about me! What is one thing about you that you would like to share?!


20 thoughts on “Favorite Things Friday- Friday Five!

  1. What a great-looking couple! I think the first movie I saw in a theater was Bambi or Cinderella (with my Dad), and the first non-animated film that I remember seeing was ‘Beat Street’ (lol). My babysitter took me, and I was much too young to see it at the time.


  2. I thought I was bad with photos on my phone! WOW!! 🙂
    That beach picture is so calming & relaxing.. I should make it my screen saver at work… take me away from here 🙂


  3. Sorry to hear you are missing so many photos from your childhood. That is awful! My husband had very careless parents also and they not only took very few, but the few that still exist have water damage and mold all over them. It’s very awful. My mom took a lot of photos of me while I was very small, but less and less as I got older. I definitely plan to continue taking lots of photos of my son, and any other future child we may have!


  4. I’m with you on the pictures. I take them all the time! And videos! And I am always at peace near the water. Beach, springs, rivers… But especially the beach (I’ve lived in Florida my whole life!).


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