Weekend Recap

Happy Tuesday!

Clearly I took an extended weekend on the blog, but I hope you guys forgive me for that!!!

The weekend seems like it was soooooo long ago!

Saturday was a rough day :/

My kiddos Dad flew in from Hawaii and I had to drop them off for 3 weeks. My house is so quiet! I am happy for them that they get to spend time with their dad, his gf, and their new little sister! They have a lot planned for the next 3 weeks, so I am sure they will come home spoiled rotten, but I still can’t wait!

10422236_10202921628219295_1787610116730531022_n 10464378_10202921627299272_754987294448179081_n 10492049_10202921627899287_5045847600174491795_n For the next 2 weeks, it will just be myself, my hubby, and Cheyenne, then we drop her off to move back to her mothers. 😦 lots of changes are happening as we get nearer to my husband leaving for a year. Oh, military life…. 😦


So remember when I mentioned it was debatable if I would run my 5K due to my sprained foot? So, I did no training all week, and while it was feeling better, I still have the small boot/shoe on for work. I decided I wanted to run it, as I was getting antsy not working out, I couldn’t get my money back, and, I wanted my race bling! My husband thinks I need to get my priorities in order, but, for my fellow bling lovers, you understand right?!

One of my favorite blogs! Click the picture to go to her site!
One of my favorite blogs! Click the picture to go to her site!

So the hubby and I headed out to do our 5k! It was a small 5K with a little under 300 people called Summer Slam 5K. It was being held at a park I always run at, so I was very happy that I knew the course like the back of my hand! I met one of my fav people, Edmarie, and our other friend Kris (Product of Running) and headed to the start! The rain that wasn’t suppose to happen had already arrived as well! I had already decided I wasn’t doing this for time, as if my foot acted up in any way, I would stop and walk. Goal was to just finish.

Then I took off. I dont know if it was the fact I haven’t really ran much in the past few weeks, or what, but I took off..wayyy too fast! But I felt great!! At the 1.5 mile mark, I walked a bit, as I did feel a bit of soreness in my foot. I walked a few more times after that, but in general, felt great. Then as I got closer, I realized how good my time was, and, if I kept this up, I could actually finish around the time I finished my last 5K in! When I got to the 3 mile mark, I saw my husband and Kris waiting for me, and that last bit of motivation came, and I sprinted to the finish line! Well guess who now has a new PR!!

4 sec PR, but with a sprained foot and some walking, I'll take it!
4 sec PR, but with a sprained foot and some walking, I’ll take it!

Again, it was not my intention at all to run that fast, but I was very happy with my time!! Edmarie also had one of her best 5K’s as well, 3 months after giving birth! Husband Pr’d by 3 mins as well (22:53) and our friend Kris, of course, finished first again (16:47!!! He is quite amazing!)

IMG_0511 IMG_054110423270_10202928049259817_964485860261388006_nIMG_0515You can see how fast I started off, and then walking a bit in mile 2, and finishing strong!

Of course, foot was quite tender for the rest of the day, but not unbearable, which is good! I will be focusing on upper body training this week, as well as some spin and elliptical workouts, and then head into week 4 of half marathon training ready to go!

I am also linking today’s post up with

Tuesday1 Hosted by My No-Guilt Life, Run the Great Wide Somewhere, and MCM Mama Runs. All great bloggers, please check them out! Today’s topic was Injuries, so since I talked about my foot, I thought it fit!

How was your weekend? Any big plans for the week?


36 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Aww no kiddos for 3 weeks? =( I bet you will miss them terribly! The weekend did go by quickly here too. The hubby and I went to a wedding on Saturday and Sunday was spent catching up on laundry and house chores.


  2. Congratulations on the 5K. That was a good time.
    While it can be a little sad to be away from your kids, I still hope enjoy it. It’s nice to have some me-time every now and then.


  3. That’s awesome that you ran it with a sprained foot. I am not a runner at all and actually hate running but I always love hearing about people that run a race because they accomplished something that they set out to do. Good for you!


  4. I looks like you had a busy week. You are so pretty and the girls are just beautiful. I know what you are going through my son is gone for the entire summer for the first time this year. It has been hard with my house being quite.


  5. I’m sure your kids will have a great time with their dad and you should enjoy the alone time with your husband ;). Congratulations on you new PR!


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