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Favorite Things Friday!!!

ImageIt is that time again and I couldn’t be more happy that its FRIDAYYYY! For me, the week flew by, and again, I am completely grateful for that!

As before, this weeks Favorite Things Friday will also be a part of Friday Five Link Up, hosted by Eat Pray Run DCYou Signed Up for What?!, and Mar on the Run. Make sure you check out their blogs and participate in the link up if you want to!

Last Day of School! All around the country, this week everyone was preparing for the last day of school! In Virginia Beach, that was today! I took photos of my girls from the first day of school and of today, and WOW what a big change this year! Longer hair, growth spurts, thinning out, all happened in these 9 months! It was a great school year for all of them, constant honor roll, Jasmine being accepted into the gifted program for next year, just a really great year that I am thankful for!

chey jas taty

Favorite Blog Post: I read this blog post this week from MotherLove, and it was fantastic! I’ve been both a working mom and a SAHM in the past, and I don’t think either side should judge, and both are great, it all depends on your family situation! Great read, make sure you check it out and tell her I sent you!

Twitter Parties! As I mentioned in this past post of Favorite Things, I now love Twitter! I know love Twitter even more because of some Twitter Parties/Chats that I have participated in! So far, I’ve participated in #runchat, #bibchat, #poweredbybits, and #sitsgirls chats! They are so fun, so interactive, and a great way to follow new people! Check out the ones I’ve mentioned, or share in the comments some of your favorite ones!!

Tattoo Idea: So, if you read yesterday’s post, or follow me on FB or Instagram, yesterday I talked a lot about my father’s passing 10 years ago. First, thank you for all the love yesterday, I really was having a hard day. Later yesterday, I found a card in some of my old things. I open it up and see that its a card that my family gave me the day I was leaving for the Navy. I have read it lots of times, but I noticed this time, in the right corner, my dad’s writing and this:

qoI needed to read that. And, I think I will be completing my 30 lists of getting this as my tattoo this year. I just don’t know where yet? I was thinking if its small enough it can be on my wrists, but thoughts?

My health: This time last year, I was in the hospital, in ICU, trying to fight for my health when the doctors couldn’t tell me what was making me sick. I missed Fathers Day, my youngests preschool graduation, and so much more. It was hard as I was in ICU for 5 days, and the hospital for 8.

20140613-113506-41706813.jpgToday, I am great! I get to celebrate Father’s Day with my husband! I’m alive and well to see my daughters’ last day of school! What a difference a year makes!

Are you happy its Friday? Any weekend plans? Make sure you check out my Tough Mudder recap this weekend, thats if I survive that Arctic Enema!


14 thoughts on “Favorite Things Friday!!!

  1. I love seeing the first day and last day school pics. You can definitely see the changes in your girls this year.
    So glad you are healthy and able to celebrate father’s day with your husband this year!


  2. I just discovered your blog and I already love you, fellow runner. Congrats to the kiddos and thinking of you as your remember your dad. I’m sorry for your loss. Let’s celebrate his life, and remember all the great times you’ve had. Let’s also not forget to live our lives! I’m reminded that life is for the living and we were meant to be here to give and love.


  3. Cheers to a healthy you and for a fabulous Father’s Day weekend. Love that you took pics of your girls at the beginning/end of the year, it is incredible how much they grew in 9 months!


  4. I love the tattoo idea! I have my grandmothers signature beneath a fairy that she drew tattooed on my ribs (ouch!). Wrist tattoos don’t hurt at all but just make sure you get it big enough so that the ink won’t spread so much that it causes it to blur in a few years! An awesome tattoo artist can tell you what the best size is. Hope you and the kiddos have a super fun summer!!


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