My Last 10 iPhone Pics!

Happy Thursday!!! Its such a gloomy and rainy day here in Virginia Beach, I miss my sun!

For today’s blog post, I found a wonderful idea by one of my favorite bloggers, PrettyLittleRunner! Usually on Thursday’s, she posts her last 10 pics from her phone! I love it and with her permission, thought I would do the same! I don’t plan to do this every Thursday or every week for that matter (unless you would like me to!), but I think its fun to see what I have taken pictures of lately!

1ge5u Now, if this is you, you may not want to participate in this! LOL!!

So here we go!!

1. My dad and I- When I set up this blog post for the week, I didn’t realize that today would coincide with the 10 year mark of my father’s passing. It has hit me relatively hard today, and I couldn’t help but sit and think how I am having a hard time remembering my father’s voice. His passing was so unfortunate, and being 19 watching your dad take his last breath, when he went to the hospital for a broken leg, that type of wound doesnt heal. Life continues on, but today, it just hit me. So rest in peace dad, hope you are proud of me!

My dad and I a few days before I left for bootcamp 2003.
My dad and I a few days before I left for bootcamp 2003.

2. Horrible accident today- With the rain here in VA, the roads always end up horrible! It’s known here that VA drivers are horrible, and can’t drive in the sun, moreless rain or snow. Anywho, I was stuck in stopped traffic today, and when I finally passed, I saw this overturned vehicle! How it happened, I don’t know, but I hope everyone was ok!IMG_0272

3. My Creation!- My step daughter Cheyenne has a presentation today at school on France, a project she had been working on for the past few weeks. So, a few days ago, she informed me that she had to make something from France to bring in. On the note the teacher sent, she said, “nothing elaborate.” Well, clearly she doesn’t know me or knows how I like to bake! So, at 5:35 this morning, I got up and made Nutella and Banana Crepes for 24 kids in her class! It was my first time making crepes, and after a few burnt to the crisp, sounding off the fire alarm practice ones, I got the hang of it! Even made an extra one for us to try! They were delicious! I love the versatility of crepes, and plan to make them again!IMG_0270

4.Yesterday’s run- I am pushing through on my half marathon training this week! Yesterday, while Jasmine was at cheer practice, I decided to get my 2 mile in, while it was sprinkling! Nothing like running in the rain to make you feel like a badass!IMG_0263

5. Quote- My coworker had a book on her desk the other day about positive quotations! I laughed with her that we needed it at our work, and opened it up to a random page, and this is what I got! Clearly I need to work on my positive attitude, in more than just my work! Ok, I got the sign guys! My fav is the quote from Herm Albright- can you relate?!IMG_0258

6. Screenshot- I take lots of screenshots! I mean, how else am I supposed to remember things..write them down?! #aintnobodygottimeforthat My friend Edmarie posted her recipe for granola, and I totally need to make it! Plus she is awesome! 🙂IMG_0256

7. First run for training this week- Training started on Monday with my first 3 mile run on Tuesday! I dont know what came over me this week, I guess 3 and 2 miles seems like a piece of cake compared to 13.1…but I was hauling ass this week! I know I cant keep the pace up, but I’ll take it for now!IMG_0254

8. My daughter- Tatyana came downstairs the other night after bathtime with her PJ’s and my 49ers headband! Gotta love it! Teaching them young! #49ersfaithfulIMG_0251

9.Screenshot- Told you I live by them! Found this meal idea on Instagram for Shrimp and Scallop scampi over white rice! Intend to incorporate this as a 21 day fix meal with brown rice! YUM!IMG_0246

10. New cookbook- My best friend Justine, who I talked about here, is all about Paleo! She loves the concept behind it, and it clearly works as she has an amazing body! I would like to incorporate some Paleo meals into my diet as well, and one of my favorite Paleo IG account is @paleomg. Recipes and pictures always looked good, so I had to head down to Barnes and Noble to pick up the new cookbook! And you cant enjoy a new book without a great glass of wine!IMG_0235

That’s it for now!!

How’s your week going? Do you like this blog series? Should I keep it going?


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