June Challenges

Here we are in June…yes, two weeks in but oh well! Better late than never! I didn’t want to start any new challenges until after my half marathon and rest! I wanted to really jump in last week but I had pulled something in my foot during the run, and knew I needed to really rest well. So that’s what I did! And gained 2 lbs as well.. Ugh πŸ‘ŽπŸ˜–

Here are my plans for June:

Half marathon training
Training for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon official commenced yesterday! I will be following the same training plan as I did before, and will be really paying attention to my time vs last time!
I am excited to start again, but not excited about running in this summer heat! My goal for this race is 2:20, 5 mins faster than the last and 10mins faster than my last goal!

I know that hydration is going to be key, and also early morning (yeah right) or later in the evening runs will have to happen!

21 day fix:
Yesterday also started my second round of 21 day fix. As I mentioned here, I didn’t get the results I wanted so I an to do much better this time around! Here is my week 1 meal plan

After I created it, I forgot some key things happening this week that will make me have to alter some days! But, I plan to start tomorrow by posting my meals and workouts so you guys can keep me accountable! Just more me now!
So, I haven’t talked much about this race cause it kinda snuck up on me, but my first post half marathon race is..

Knowing that the race is t-minus 4 days, I’m starting to get FREAKED OUT!! Two of my awesome girlfriends are running it with me! We tried to run this race last year, but a big storm came and it got canceled! We were not happy!

What am I most terrified of!!?? The Arctic Enema! Don’t know what it is? Check this out:

I don’t do cold!!!😰😰

Summer Slam 5k

I have another 5K on the 22nd to do! I normally run around the course it is held at so that’s nice! It would be nice to beat my PR of 28:23, but I would really have to push myself! I would like to be sub30, so we will see how it turns out!


30 Things list:
I am currently working on my list! If you haven’t check it out and seen the updates, check it out here! This month, I need to handwrite a letter, pay it forward, and work with the girls on a canvas painting. I also want to get to 45 followers on the blog this month! Currently sitting at 37 followers, so if you are reading this, please help me reach my goal of followers for the month! I appreciate it! 😘😘😘

Do you have any challenges for this month? Excited for summer?!


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