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Weekend Recap


Here we go again Monday! Ugh.. The weekend goes by way too fast, and I tend to stay way too busy for them as well! One day, I’m just going to sleep all day!! One day… When I’m dead I suppose!

Saturday was Tatyana’s last soccer game! This season went by so fast! With this being her 3rd season, she seemed to really finally “get it” this time! Last season, there were so many games that she just wasn’t feeling it, and wouldn’t play. It was quite an annoying season. But this time around, she was one of only two girls on her team, and she did GREAT!! It felt so good to hear people ask when she was going in, and cheering her on! She made me so proud, and I hope she will want to play again in the fall!



After the soccer game, we headed to Ocean Breeze, a water park about 15 mins away. It was Girl Scout weekend there and my troops final party for the year! Fun times!!






Sunday went by so fast, and I didn’t feel like I really did much. Jasmine has cheer practice and took her head shots and pictures with her new teammates! Did I mention she is a flyer on the team?!? She is loving her new season!


Afterwards, we heading to the beach for a birthday party!! Lots of sun this weekend and we enjoyed it!!

What did you do this weekend? Anything fun? Doesn’t Monday just sneak up on you?!?


5 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Monday does seem to sneak up pretty quickly! This weekend was race weekend- and sunday was all about recovery! I saw Malificent this weekend too, and really enjoyed it!


  2. Love the Monday Blue’s Meme! That is hilarious! Sounds like you had an amazing weekend and your pictures are gorgeous! Our weekend consisted of being outside every chance we got. Me getting my hair cut. Then finishing up the garden!


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