Extended Weekend Recap!

wpid-20140526_170939.jpgHey everyone!! Wow, did that long weekend only set me back?! I feel like today is only Tuesday and I am only 1 day late on this post, not 2!!! So, I apologize for my delay, and also, expect a long post, cause my weekend was awesome!!!

Saturday was nothing out of the norm! Another soccer game for Taty, a birthday party for Jasmine, and I had to work for a bit.

Sunday, the family and I headed up to Natural Bridge, VA for a mini family vacation! It was amazing! We went to Virginia’s drive-though safari, hiked Natural Bridge, and went to the zoo as well! It was about 3 1/2 hours away from Virginia Beach! Coming from the beach area, and driving through those mountains was absolutely beautiful! Even my children were completely mesmerized the entire drive about the mountains and the greenery of it all! It was an absolutely amazing weekend, and so beautiful as well!

Did you know that Natural Bridge, VA is one of the 7 Wonders of the World?

wpid-2014-05-25-15.25.46.jpg.jpeg wpid-20140525_165237.jpg wpid-20140525_150607.jpg wpid-20140525_184113.jpg wpid-20140526_152205.jpg wpid-20140526_152403.jpg

wpid-20140526_135139.jpgTotally great weekend and yes, we rode on an elephant! The kids loved it so much! Check out my instagram here for the video of the elephant ride!

We headed home Monday night and just relaxed the night away!
Tuesday I barely rolled out to bed And made it to work! Having a 4 day weekend makes going to work even harder! But knowing I only have 4 days of work left for the week!
I am in my taper week!!!!
Half marathon is this Sunday!! I can’t believe it! Unfortunately yesterday I went on my 4 mile run and omg…Horrible run for me. My legs were extremely tight and I even had to walk some i was in so much pain. Luckily I’ve been getting great advice from everyone on social media, and there will be lots of stretching and rolling the next few days, finish my last 3 and 2 mile runs, and then that’s it! What else can I do?!?!?
Today I finished my 21 day fix, and I will talk more about this and my next plans tomorrow!

How did you feel the day’s leading up to your first race? How was your holiday weekend? What do you recommend for leg pain before a race?


40 thoughts on “Extended Weekend Recap!

  1. I would just rest and recover this week so those legs can be nice n fresh for your race! Sounds like you have put in some good training and I hope you have a rockin half!! Love those views of the natural bridge!!


  2. I always feel like I have so much energy the week leading up to a race. Not only am I nervous and excited, but with tapering I just feel like I need to bounce my legs to deal with the extra energy. I hope the stretching helps!


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