Favorite Things Friday


Who else is happy it’s Friday!!
I mean, it’s a holiday weekend, so hopefully most of you have Monday off, so hello 3 day weekend!! I took today off to spend the day with my hubby, who has been working like a dog. I just wanted to be with him today!

This weeks Favorite Things Friday will also be a part of Friday Five Link Up, hosted by Eat Pray Run DC, You Signed Up for What?!, and Mar on the Run. Make sure you check out their blogs and participate in the link up if you want to!

My Favorite Things this week:

Where the heck have I been?!? I never really got on to Twitter, as I was content with Facebook and Instagram. I decided to create one for the blog though, and I love Twitter!!! It just seems like an easier way to connect to other bloggers, finding new ones, and such! If you have Twitter, follow me here!

Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets:
Just hilarious this week! This is probably one of the funniest segments he does!


Favorite blog post this week:

Any of you guys do yoga or want to do yoga?!! You guys have to head over and check out Maybe Marathoner blog post ” Thoughts on Yoga.” It is so hilarious and such a real view on yoga! I like yoga but I’m not flexible, and I tend to concentrate on that yoga than finding my Nameste! Maybe Marathoner blog is awesome, so stop by and tell her I sent ya! Link to blog post: http://maybemarathoner.wordpress.com/2014/05/22/thoughts-on-yoga/

Favorite running fuel: Jelly Beans Extreme Sports Beans
My husband picked this up from Dicks Sporting Goods the other day after doing some research on running fuel! He let me have a packet before my 5 mile run this week. The packet says to use either 30 mins before a run and/or during the run. I ate the whole bag before my run. They taste pretty good! And man, I don’t know if it was the beans or what, but u had a great 5 mile run that night! I was energized, motivated, and actually felt like it was an easy run! I even shaved off a minute from last weeks 5 mile run! I know my husband liked them as well so I will be stocking up for the half marathon!


My husband:
I feel like I had to put that one of my favorite things is my husband. He is an amazing man. His ship is preparing for a move and a deployment, so right now there are lots of inspections and stuff going on. He has been having a rough few weeks on the ship, and I know its been extremely rough on him. Trying to be 100% for work, 100% for home, preparing to leave his family for a year, it’s been hard on him. But he does it, with very little complaining. I feel so bad for him at times, and I try to do what I can to help in any way, which isn’t really much, just hold our household down. So Josh, if you are reading this, know how much I love you, support you, am so proud of you. I thank you for all you do for our family, but for our country as well! I am so proud to be your wife!20140523-223936-81576167.jpg

Have you ever participated in a Friday link up? Are you on Twitter? Thoughts on yoga?


10 thoughts on “Favorite Things Friday

  1. I have done yoga through 24 Hour Fitness, so it’s not serious practice. I do like the focus involved, and I imagine that I look like a ballerina while doing the poses, so basically it’s all about delusion for me.


  2. Sports beans are pretty tasty! Glad that they helped you with a great run. And thanks to your husband for his service and to you as well for your part. I can’t imagine having to deal with deployments. I like Twitter a lot, but it can be overwhelming since I can’t spend a ton of time on the internet. I feel like I’ve always just missed the conversation!


  3. I often use sports beans while training (I stick to margarita and cran razz shot bloks on race day)- I love them and am glad to hear you liked them too! I just found you through the SPA chat. I’m excited to read your blog, and just added it to my reader!


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