Weekend Recap!!

Oh Monday!! You came waaaayyyy too fast! For me, that was probably because it was my birthday weekend, so of course time flies when you are having fun- and fun I had!

My birthday night ended with a wine tasting at my house with some of my closest girlfriends! A Girl Scout mom in my troop is a traveling wine consultant and it was such a near concept! She sent me a list of 5 wines she was bringing, both reds and whites, and a list of foods to pair them with! Now those that know me, you know I love to host! I love to set things up.. It’s one of my favorite things to do!

My night was fantastic! Drinks, laughs, gifts, and memories!


Soccer time again! Tatyana took her soccer pictures and looked so cute! Jasmine let her borrow a cheer bow to match her outfit!

Right after soccer, I dropped Taty up and picked Jasmine up and took her to flyer training for cheer! This was her first time and she loved it! She may not get chosen this year as she is new, but I plan to keep her in training till she is ready!

My favorite part of the day though was dinner night with my hubby! Since he had duty on my birthday, he surprised me with dinner reservations to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse! Fancy, huh?!? I’ve never been there and OH. MY.GOSH! The BEST steak I’ve ever had! It melted in your mouth! For by birthday dessert, I had this pineapple bread pudding that was out of this world! I hope to go back there again one day!


Oh Sunday… Sunday Runday! Now, the weather Sunday was the perfect running weather! 65 degrees, nice breeze, and I had a 9 mile run to get to! I was ready, or so I thought…
This run was not fun.. At all.. At no point did I feel good. I think, no I know, that my birthday celebrations had at an integral part of this bad run. Drinks, indulging in food, oh man, my stomach didn’t like that at all. The entire run I kept concentrating on how horrible my stomach felt. It was the longest 9 miles ever and it seemed to take much longer than it did. I wasn’t happy with my time, but I got it done.


After that run, my husband brought home donuts from a new bakery in town called Duck Donuts. This place had had a line out the door for weeks! I’ve never had a maple bacon donut before, and this is this place specialty. So, why not right?! I did just run 9 horrible miles!! Let me tell you, heaven on earth!

It’s ok, you can wipe the drool from your mouth, I’m not judging!

What’s coming up for the week:
This is my last long run week before the half marathon! 2 weeks to go! I have a 10 miler on Sunday, then taper week! I can’t believe it’s here. I’m on week two of the 21 day fix and I’m seeing some good rests, not great, but my fault. Ill discuss more tomorrow. For the next two weeks, I will be focusing on eating clean and hydrating.
Jasmine has her cheer tryouts on Wednesday. We then have to wait a week to see what team she will be on. Also, the family will be taking a mini vacation this weekend to spend time together for Memorial Day! We are going about 3 hours away to Natural Bridge,VA and I’m excited!

Have you had stomach problems on a long run? How do you emotionally recoup after a long run? How was your weekend?


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