30 Things to do Before 30

So here I am! On the eve of my 29th birthday, I have finally completed my list of 30 things before 30!


I wanted to create this list for myself as a way of having lots to look forward to this year. I don’t want to focus on my husband deploying and things of that nature. I have done these for the past couple of years, but never did all of them! So I am hopeful this year I will complete all 30 on my list!

Without further adieu, here is my 30 Things to do before I turn 30:

1. Christmastime at DisneyWorld.
2. Run my first 1/2 Marathon
3. Participate in 10 running races
4. Run a successful blog- goal 100 followers
5. Go to the Cheery Blossom Festival
6. Volunteer somewhere
7. Pay it forward once a month
8. Do something from Pinterest once a month
9. Get another tattoo
10. Take a How-To class
11. Go to Hawaii- visit Pokai Bay
12. Complete Princess half marathon at Disneyworld
13. Write a handwritten note to someone once a month
14. Read a classical book
15. Visit a national park
16. Take a picture of a waterfall
17. Watch a classical movie
18. Start once a month canvas painting with myself and girls.
19. Take a hike
20. Complete 100 days of happy challenge
21. Have an actual savings account!
22. Go snorkeling
23. Catch up on scrapbooking
24. Do 52 week of currently challenge
25. Go on a road trip
26. Try acupuncture
27. Buy myself something nice
28. Find the perfect little black dress
29. Have an awesome 30th birthday party
30. Feel on top of the world

I am so excited!! Hope you guys will stick around and I update you on my progress!! And, follow me if you are not yet! I need 100!!


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