Motivational Wednesday


Happy HUMP day!!

I found this image on instagram and I loved it! Coming from the life that I grew up in, there has been many times that I let these scars define me.

“Oh, I must be the girl that grew up in the trailer park with druggie parents.”
“You are all those horrible things that was said about you in a previous relationship.”.
“You are a struggling, single mom.”

As you can see! I have beaten myself up for a number of years. I am still working on it. I want to be happy with the person I see in the mirror. No matter what size I am.

So, for Motivatitional Wednesday, look at that mirror and wear that crown proudly!!


2 thoughts on “Motivational Wednesday

  1. You define yourself and only you! It definitely doesn’t matter where you came from… It only matters where you are going. I think you and I both know and understand that more than most people.



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