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Weekend Recap!!

Hey guys! Hope everyone had a great weekend and an even better Mother’s Day!!!

Friday, I started my weekend off right be getting a fresh mani and pedi!! It was long overdue and with the great weather that we’ve been having, I couldn’t let my toes go out like that!

Saturday is soccer game day in this household till June! Tatyana was so excited to hit the field with her new soccer skirt (running skirt) I picked her up at Target! She is one of only two girls on her team this year, so she likes to up her girlyness! I also wore my Soccer Mom shirt- I got the decal off of Etsy and just ironed it on! What did we do before Etsy? It was quite warm out and you could tell that the kids were hot, but it was a great game and Taty’s team won 1-0! She came so close to getting a goal, she just kicked it a bit too hard…gotta work on her keeping control of the ball!




Afterwards, it was girls day at the beach! Hubby unfortunately had duty 😦 It was so nice to lay out in the sand and watch the kids play. I grew up in Hawaii until I was 13, and the beach brings me so much peace! I was proud of myself because before I really took my health and fitness seriously, snacks at the beach would have been chips, soda, ect. I stopped at the store beforehand, and yes, while a soda would’ve been great, I hit up the salad bar for a nice salad, watermelon, and water! Gotta be fit and healthy, especially at the beach! Relaxed and caught up on my Runners World Magazine! It was a great day!



IMG_2650 IMG_2649

Sunday was of course Mothers Day! And it was probably one of the best ones yet! The husband got me a gift certificate and an appointment for a facial and a massage! Man, was that needed! I’ve never had a full blown facial, but my face felt so great afterwards! The husband then took the kids out for lunch and to the grocery store by himself so I could relax for the afternoon! I went to Kohls to shop, yet ended up buying things for my kiddos, seeing as their summer wardrobe needs help! Thats what a mother does right!

After a quick nap, I knew what I still had to do…I had a schedule 8 mile training run! I had every intention of this being a bad run! I had a massage earlier, its Mothers Day, Sunday evening, blah blah. Well, this was a great run!!! I have been noticing that I start my runs off fast, even though I dont mean to, so I on purposely set for a slow stride! I turned off my music and turned on one of my favorite podcasts Runner Girls. If you like podcasts, you should check them out!

Miles 1-4 I just listened to my podcast and ignored my app, telling me of my time. When I got to mile 4 to turn around, I had to pee! There was noooooooo stopping it! I ran as carefully as I could to the Dunkin Donuts before I exploded! This is the second time on a long run I had to stop to the bathroom, I dont want this to happen on the half marathon…Maybe I need Depends!

Anywho, by then, my new favorite GU, Chocolate Delights, and my Cherry Cola Honey Stingers must’ve kicked in! The sun was going down, and I just started running! I put back on my music and started singing, had a smile on my face, everything! To people driving by I must’ve looked like an idiot! I am so happy to see how well I finished off!


I ended my night with my Strawberry Shakeology and a last round of hugs from my kiddos!
Again, the best Mother’s Day ever!!

I have a busy week ahead of me! Today I started my Masters degree through UMUC! I will be working on my MS in Management with a concentration in Project Management, the double up and also finish my MBA! As if I don’t have enough to do! So it will be a very busy two years!!
Plus… It may or may not be my birthday on Friday!! 29!! Yikes😜

How was your weekend? Did you do anything special for Mother’s Day? How do I control my bladder on my long runs?!?





One thought on “Weekend Recap!!

  1. Wow, that’s a busy weekend! Your girls are all super adorable and I love the picture of Tatyana on the soccer field. Good luck with your Master’s degree…I’m sure the road ahead will be challenging at times but so worth it when you are done!


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