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Weekend Recap

Hey everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Mine was packed as usual!!

First, what do you think of the new face lift? I’m trying to find something that I really like, and has all the options that I am looking for! One day, when I’m a huge blogger, I will get a really fancy, smancy one! Until then, hope you like it!

On Saturday, we celebrated my youngest Tatyana’s birthday party!! 11 Kids at the movie theater to watch Rio 2 was great! I found a Rio cake on Pinterest that was Rio themed. I was going to attempt to make it myself, then realized I was too busy, and had our local bakery make it! It turned out great and got lots of compliments! Tasted pretty good as well! Anything for my girls!



After Taty’s birthday party, the hubby and I headed out to a friend’s surprise birthday party! It was nice to have some one on one time with him. It doesn’t happen enough!

Someone doesn’t like taking selfies!! Look at that face :p

Oh Sunday!!

The hubby had duty on Sunday, so it was just me and my girls! Sunday is Runday, and also my day for my long runs. I had 7 miles to get in, which is my longest distance yet, but I don’t know if it was the few shots I took the night before, but I just didn’t have the motivation to go and get it done..yet!

10288702_10202606788268493_2387153712133824331_nAfter a cup of coffee, I was ready to go!

It was a beautiful day on Sunday! The sun was shining, there was a nice breeze, and the minute I started running, I felt good! By mile 3, my splits were under 10 mins, and I was smiling and singing on my run. I ran out on the streets, because my normal running is a loop and I knew 7 miles would be boring there. I drove and mapped the 7 miles already so I knew where I was going. Anywho, so I’m feeling great! And then BAM! I didn’t see the sidewalk rise immediately and I ate it,,,,BAD! Of course, right as I was coming up to an intersection! AGH! Talk about embarrassing!! I got up so quick, mostly out of embarrassment, waved off the couple that was trying to get out of the car, and kept running! I ran to the Dunkin Donuts which was about a half a mile away, paused my running app, and went inside.

That’s when I saw the blood dripping down my arm and down my leg! Great! Of course, my knee was all scratched up, the knee I’ve been battling runners knee on! I sat down, got myself cleaned up, had the biggest cup of water there (which the guy charged me .22 cents for!! Luckily I had a dollar on me, but since I had no where to keep the .78 cents, I just told him to keep it!),and relaxed a bit. I was now about 3.15 miles in my run. If I headed straight back home from here, I would be short on my 7 miles. So i decided, No Pain No Gain right? I set off to finish.

It hurts worse than it looks!
That’s gonna hurt later!

The minute I set out though, the pain hit! I guess since the adrenaline had worn off, now I could feel the affects of hitting that sidewalk hard! But, determined to finish, I ran/limped/walk the rest of the way home. Of course not too happy with my time, but I did finish, and I felt like a rockstar for finishing!

I also earned my “I Took The Oath” 10k Virtual Race Medal! This medal is beautiful, heavy and huge!!  The proceeds from the runs will benefit the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. If you are looking to get some race bling and complete a virtual race on YOUR terms, check out If you sign up for one during the month of May, please let them know that I referred you as well!

I love this bling! Serving 4 years in the Navy, this medal is special to me! And I earned it!

Now, I should have gone home and rested and iced my knee, but, since it took me much longer to get home than anticipated, it was time to shower and get ready for Jasmine End of Season Cheer Banquet! She had a great time with her cheer friends! It’s been an amazing year in terms of cheerleading. My daughter has found something that she loves and is passionate about. I have met some amazing cheer moms along the way as well. While we made the hard decision to switch gyms for next season, I will cherish this gym and for allowing my daughter to find her dream as well!





20140507-123520.jpgAfter this, yes I finally went home and rested my body, but not before I went and dropped of P.F. Chang’s to my husband on duty!!!

How was your weekend? Have you ever fallen or gotten hurt during a run? 



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