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Motivational Wednesday

That’s right! You are getting two blog posts from me in one day! My last blog post should have been sent out at the beginning of the week, but life happened, so yeah!

So, I had something already planned for this post, until I read an article that was blowing up Facebook, and I knew I had to blog about it today.

If you haven’t heard yet, there was an article on Huffington Post Women, really on almost all big news sites now, called “Why I Refused to Put a Shirt on for Shape Magazine”. Of course, I was intrigued! After the whole debacle with Self Magazine making an ass of themselves, did another major Fitness Magazine do the same? Apparently, yes..

The article is written by a food/fitness blogger names Brooke. Her incredible journey in her weight loss is just absolutely inspiring! On her blog, “Brooke Not on a Diet”, she talks about her weight loss journey of over 170 lbs. Now lets take that in for a second!! 170 pounds! That’s more than 1 of me! Again, inspiring to say the least.

Well, she was contacted by Shape Magazine as they wanted to do a Before/After series of her. I mean that should be great right?!?! So she sent her picture over of herself in a was her picture:ImageNow, lets bear in mind that this wonderful woman lost damn near a whole person! AND, she submitted a picture of herself in a BIKINI!! I dont even want to do that! Is there extra skin, yes. Is she a inspiration? YES! Should she be in Shape Magazine? YES! Well, Shape wanted her, but only if her picture had her in a t-shirt!!! WHAT?!?! In her article, she shows you some of the email exchanges, with them essentially saying it was a new rule, and how she would get so much exposure, blah blah! Let me tell you, she posted on Facebook how her site CRASHED because of traffic and all the interviews people want from her! Shape Magazine should be ashamed of themselves! THIS is what is wrong with us! A fitness magazine only wanting to show the best of the best. Brooke, thank you for motivating me today, and reminding me that I should not be ashamed of myself!

You can see the article on Huffington Post here:

Here is also the link to her website, keeping in mind its been down most of the day:

Had you heard about this story? What are your thoughts on it? 


5 thoughts on “Motivational Wednesday

  1. Good for Brooke for sharing her story and for having the confidence to feel great about her body. She’s a great role model for so many women.


  2. I did hear about this story, and as a huge fan of Shape magazine, this story did bum me out. The way the email exchanges went were just so awful…they definitely put their foot in their mouth! I’m glad she’s getting exposure, maybe this can change the way women are portrayed in these types of magazines!


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