6 years ago today…

Wow, 6 years fly by don’t they? Today I celebrate the birth of my baby girl Tatyana. 6 years ago today, she came in this world kicking and screaming. 6 years ago today she came 3 weeks early- after having been on bed rest for 6 weeks when she tried to make an appearance at 31 weeks. 6 years ago today, a stubborn, beautiful, shy, yet bossy, stubborn, funny, sweet, stubborn (yes i know i said it 3 times) little girl weighing in at 6 lbs 6 oz, came into my life, and its never been the same. 6 years ago, Mommy’s little girl was born. 6 years ago, I thought I knew everything there was to being a mom, as her sister, who was born 15 months prior, was soooo easy…boy was I wrong! 6 years ago, I found out just how big a mothers heart could get. 6 years ago today, I wondered what did I do in life to deserve two beautiful daughters? 6 years ago today, I wondered what would be in store for this little girl, who had given me such a rough pregnancy, set with multiple scares.


Today, I have a beautiful 6 year old daughter. Today, I have a girl who loves sparkles, dresses, her hair long and straight, soccer, girl scouts,chicken nuggets, and cuddling. Today, I have a daughter who tells me all the time , “I love you to the stars and back.” Today, I have a girl who promises me she’s never moving out. Today, I still wonder what I did to deserve such amazing daughters. Today, I have a daughter who told me, when I walked her to her Kindergarten class this morning with cupcakes, said “You’re the best mommy in the whole world.” Today, I hope she will always think that of me. Today, I have the best gift in the whole, entire world.

Happy 6th Birthday Tatyana Marie Maldonado. I love you too, to the stars and back.







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