My first Virtual 5K!

Happy Thursday everyone!!

So, after stalking all of my runner friends on IG, I saw some of them talking about doing Virtual Runs and getting some sweet race bling that came along with it! Now that I officially have my first race bling, yes, I am addicted and want many, many more!

So, after doing some research, I saw that most of the virtual runs were based on the same concept. Pay a certain amount (most times the money is donated to a specific charity and goes with the theme of that particular run), and then they send you a medal and a link for your personalized bib. You get to choose the miles you want to run (I typically see 5K, 10K, 1/2 marathon, and marathon). The virtual runs truly works on a honor code system, and the end goal is to EARN your bling!

So, I checked out http://www.fullmedalruns.com/, and found some bling that was right up my alley- A Pink Princess Run bling! I mean, totally me! And I figured, why not?! I  mean, I already have to run the miles anyways for training, why not get something extra out of it as well! So I signed up for the 5K Virtual Princess Run!

I knocked out the 5K run on Tuesday, and it followed in line with the 4 mile run I had to complete anyways!



20140424-152212.jpgI was happy with the size, weight and quality of the medal as well!!! I signed up for a 10K with them, that I plan to run this weekend as my long run!

Have you ever done a Virtual Run? Are you addicted to race bling?


4 thoughts on “My first Virtual 5K!

  1. Hi there! Found you through the Run Blog Society FB group! Cute blog. I have done many virtual runs and they can be a lot of fun. Especially when you get friends and family to do them with you! You may want to look up Fit 4 life virtual runs ( sometimes it’s called Muffins to Marathons) they do virtual runs every month. They actually have a really cute medal now for a Fairytale run they are doing. Also US Road runners does a monthly Get out an run program with new bling each month! Congrats on getting out there! -Meranda


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