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Being a Military Spouse

So, as I put in my About Me Section, a big part of my life is that I am also a military spouse.


My husband is a Navy Officer currently stationed onboard USS Iwo Jima. This is both of ours second marriage and we just celebrated our one year wedding anniversary a few weeks ago. My husband has been in the Navy for over 14 years, doing the beginning part of his career as enlisted sailor until he got picked up for OCS school.

We go though all the same things any other married couple do. We do have obstacles: as this is our second marriage, we are a blended family, not only did we join together, we also joined 3 beautiful daughters as well.


Also came the many sacrifices, heartache, joy, honor, and so many other things as a military spouse. This next coming year for us will be a struggle to say the least. My husbands ship is moving to Florida this summer, and has a scheduled deployment for the end of the year. We made the decision as a family for me to stay behind in Virginia Beach. So essentially, we wont live together for a year. 😦

When you say I DO to a military man, you sign up for this life. You say I DO to many months without him. You say I DO to essentially becoming a single parent while they are gone. You say I DO to the worry, the loneliness. You say I DO to constant, sometime irrational and erratic changes. You say I DO because your husband’s number one goal in his career is to protect and serve our country, which means in that time, you may be number two. You say I DO to picking up the life you have created, and relocating every few years. You say I DO to supporting him, because he is sacrificing a lot as well.

When I think of the year that is to come for our family, I do get sad. It is easy as a military spouse to dwell on all that they will miss, how it will be hard, ect. But I don’t want to dwell on the negative. I know that I want to make my husband proud and for him not to have any worries about home because I got it. I will continue to run, I will continue to be a cheer mom, soccer mom, girl scout mom. I will continue my education as I work on two masters. I will continue to live. I will continue to love and support him.03bd1fee09e246a5dad947dab0315510

Are you a military spouse? How did you cope with long deployments? 


3 thoughts on “Being a Military Spouse

  1. My husband retired from the Navy last year but to tell you the truth, I don’t even remember how I coped with long deployments. Looking back, it boggles my mind that I was able to work full-time, raise two preschoolers, and be pregnant while my husband was deployed. I guess when I was faced with deployments, in the words of Dory, I just kept swimmin’! While I did not have a huge milspouse support system (from his coworkers’ wives) because I was a teacher and spent time with my colleagues, I still felt comfortable being surrounded by other military wives on base going through the same thing. You will find your own niche as well 🙂


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