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Staying Hydrated

So, I have a hate – hate relationship with water! I know , I know I’m horrible! It has never been something I’ve been good at doing. This girl used to drink at least a 6 pack of Code Red Mountain Dew a day!!! Now, I have a soda once every few days to a week! So much much better!!!
But I still suffer with drinking water. I drink water when I work out, but that’s about it! I’m either not thirsty, or will drink juice or coffee. As I get higher and digging deeper into my half marathon training, I know hydration is extremely important!

20140408-201119.jpgpicture from: bodybuilding.com
So I need some ideas and help!! I need advice on how to make myself drink more water, especially when I’m not thirsty!!


One thought on “Staying Hydrated

  1. I have found that I am not thirsty when I am NOT hydrated. When I am drinking 100 ounces a day I find that I am actually thirsty more. I like lemon so when I have gone a couple of days without a lot of water I add lemon or lime to my water to help it go down. When I am on the bad wagon I actually have to wean myself from soda and lattes and start out drinking flavored carbonated water from Walmart. I find a favorite (lime or cherry) flavor and then i drink those for a week. Eventually I end up weaning completely and going back to water. I know you can do it! Just don’t do it cold turkey. That never works:)


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