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Early Morning Runs

This morning I woke up at 5:45am. I hate mornings! I know you guys must be thinking- damn, this girl hates water, early mornings, ect!! Well, that is why you guys are with me on this journey right?!? So one day you will read how much I LOVE those things 😉 (not yet though)

So, as I look at the races I want to do, I notice the biggest theme is they all start at the butt crack of dawn…not Vanessa approved (yes I don’t approve!). So, in order to prepare myself and spare the runners around me my normal morning bitchyness (is that even a word?!?), I am going to train my body NOW to get up, and get some early morning runs in. I cant promise you that I will do it every single day, but I would like to make it a habit of at least doing my shorter runs during the week in the morning!

So after I dropped my daughters at before care, I headed out to my normal running spot. I felt great, even though I only had a few sips of coffee and a bite of a banana (another thing Im working on..breakfast…I know, I know :/). I decided I would do a tempo run as I just had a quick 2 mile run to complete!

For those that don’t know what a tempo run is, here is a good article that describes it.

photo1 photo2

So while my goal is to have at least a 10 min to 10:45 mile, I decided to run a pace of about 9:30. I found that Britney Spears “Work B#tch” was the perfect beat, so I set that on repeat and ran!
I was shocked when I was done with my two miles what my time was:photo4

Yeah baby! I felt great and again, mind over matter! I wanted to slow down but didn’t and completed both miles in the time I wanted!! I hope to gradually be able to add more tempo runs to my training and be able to hold it for longer!

p.s- you would be happy to know that I am almost to 48oz of water, and its only 4pm!

p.s.-sorry for that horrible pic!!!

Have any of you incorporated tempo runs into your training? Thoughts?


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