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My very first blog post!!

So, by Virginia’s terms, its officially spring here! Even though as I am not looking forward to my run in the rain today during lunch, it is 70 degrees outside, which is a much needed welcome after the Polar Apocalypse hit us bad for our area! So as if I’m not busy enough, I thought I would start a blog!! Welcome to Glitter Girl Runs!!

My name is Vanessa! I am an almost 29 (sooooo close to 30!! ugh)woman (duh) who is just starting my commitment to running and fitness. I am newly married to the man of my dreams, who is a Navy Officer and is getting ready to move with his ship to Florida (without us 😦 ) and deploy later this year. All in all, we will not be living together for a year….*sigh*

I have 3 fabulous daughters! My stepdaughter Cheyenne has been living with us for the past 2 years. She is 10-loves swimming, dressing up, and just recently…boys!! OMG! Jasmine is my oldest! She is 7 and is just finishing her first year of competitive cheerleading! She loves it and cant wait to see how far she takes it!! My youngest is Tatyana, almost 6, and is my baby <3. She is in her 3rd season of soccer, and also in her first year of Girl Scouts (which I am the troop leader for!). As you can see, we are a busy family!! *excuse me while I take a sip of my coffee* I also will be starting my Master's Degree next month!

So why running? Why now?! Well with this busy life, running so far has been my release! It is my only ME TIME!!!! I can put on my headphones, and head out to the track and have NO KIDS with me…I mean, totally done deal!! But its more than that! I have been wanting to get serious about running for some time now. I was in the middle of a half marathon training when I got ill and it put me in the hospital for 8 days. After that, the motivation to push my body went away…to be honest, I was just scared. I had to find me, learn me, be okay with me. And that is still a struggle in and of it self. But as I've been lacing up my running shoes, I've found that running isn't only good for my physical health, but mental health as well!
So here I am!! That’s me. Are you guys still around after I just wrote that short story?! I hope so! 🙂 I hope you guys will keep coming back and following Glitter Girl Runs! Please stick with me as I continue to fix this page and make it look pretty!
Feedback is always appreciated as well!!



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